School + Social Media + Friends

Tired of school but I have goals.

Admit it, we all hate school. Waking up early, lots of projects, assignments and responsibilities, disappointments and failures, sleepless nights and stressful days. Some of transient emotions brought by studying. Indeed a tiring one.

Being a consistent honor student was a big challenge for me. Everyone expects me to be perfect, and expects me to know everything about different subject matters especially during recitations. Yet, I wasn’t perfect, and I never will. Those disappointments and failures and even those high expectations of people from me became my motivation to study harder, to finish my studies, and to become a successful lawyer someday. Those weaknesses are slowly becoming my strength to pursue my goals in life.

Still, I was able to balance my studies, my activeness on social media, and even my strong bond with my friends. How? Just know how to control things and discipline is much needed. If it’s study time, it’s study time. At schooldays I prioritize studies and quality time with my friends while during weekends, I’m more focused on my social media accounts.

For me, focusing only on school is absolutely boring. Of course we also need to live the moment and enjoy life. We don’t live just to study but also to enjoy. Thanks to my circle of friends and the teachers who made school more interesting and fun and who gave a lot of memories for me to treasure in my whole life.





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