How I fix my Instagram Feed

I am very feed-conscious since the day I first had my Instagram account. To be honest, I tried almost all photo editing apps and also all vsco cam presets and deleted many pictures trying so hard and wanting my instagram feed to be called “feed goals” by other people but still wasn’t contented about it. I also made a lot of researches about having a perfect feed and even stalk a lot of pretty feeds.

And then realizations hit me. Pictures are memories though. Regretted the photos I deleted just to make my feed look good. And I don’t need my Instagram feed to be called “feed goals” by other people. Now I am using no filter feed. Just my Samsung camera, no filters and no adjustments as well. Now it looks much better and I feel comfortable about it.

And to those asking me how I fix my Instagram feed, I just capture photos then upload. Yep, that’s it. Just wanted to tell you guys that posting on instagram is also a way of expressing oneself so don’t be afraid to post whatever you want as long as it makes you happy. No need your instagram to be called “feed goals” by other people. Don’t rely your satisfaction on other people. Just be yourself and express yourself more.

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