Color Manila: Glitter run 2016

This was my second time to join Color Manila (first was the Blacklight Manila) And this was their first ever glitter run and I’m glad to be part of it. It was a nice experience though the weather was a bit hassle at first.

Sorry for this low quality photo, sums up our dark experience with the heavy rain before the run. Most of us are hopeless to enjoy the run, some went home and some just stayed in their cars. But the heavy rain didn’t stop us to enjoy and have fun. Gun start for 5k run should be at 6:10AM yet we started at 6:35AM when the rain stopped. It’s like God really gave us a chance to enjoy, a super heavy rain at 6:00AM while a cloudy weather at 6:30AM. Showed how awesome God’s plan is. Then I realized that the heavy rain is indeed a blessing!

Walkathon tho. Too lazy to run lol. We walked 2.5km then ran the other 2.5k for a total of 5km ‘coz we can’t run the whole 5km straight. Hehe! What important is, we had fun! Running, rolling, sitting, and walking with color powders. Though it was wet and almost mixed with mud..

After the run, our shoes looked like this. My Nike shoes’ second time to be covered with color powders & glitters. Yet it still looks good.

Harley Quinn-in’ my hair while waiting  for the color festival. My ‘lil sis and cousin put ’em. Looks cool tho.

My favorite part!! The color festival and after party where we threw all our color packets. Wasn’t able to capture the exact part where the air was covered with colors but I was able to live that moment and that was just perfect.

Tenen! My final look after the glitter run. Had so much fun! Took a shower in the rain, got covered with color powder and glitters, and cold weather, and everything, and it was all worth it! Beyond grateful for the opportunity to experience this kind of event. My kind of stress reliever.

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