Bolinao, Pangasinan

Just wanted to share my wonderful and relaxing Santorini experience last August 2016 at Sundowners Vacation Villas, Bolinao, Pangasinan with my forever travel buddies, my family.


Santorini, Greece? Nah, just Bolinao, Philippines. Refreshing and relaxing ambiance plus Santorini vibes is just perfect. Another thing about this place, It’s so tranquil and free from disturbance you can really have your peace of mind and relieve stress. We didn’t just spend our three-day vacation at our villa. We also had a day tour on our second day where we explored the beauty of Bolinao. From Enchanted Cave all the way to Patar white sand beach then back to our Villa.

Enchanted Cave: A refreshing Underground Natural Spring Pool.





They say a trip to Bolinao wouldn’t be complete without visiting this Enchanted Cave. This was my first time to swim in an underground spring pool. The water is so pure and enthralling and has the power to rejuvenate your soul though it was so deep we even needed to rent a lifevest. This place is still untouched by modernization and elements of materialism. And this makes it a hidden bliss that everyone should explore, but without spoiling its serenity and greenery.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse



Lighthouses are constructed to guide ships and boats in order to prevent sea disasters. For you to appreciate a lighthouse, you have to go up and see the entire view on top. Sadly, this lighthouse was already closed and they say it would be dangerous to go inside and climb up because of the worn out stairs and walls due to its antiquity. But I till enjoyed staring at this beautiful heritage.

Patar Beach: Hidden Jewel of the North





It’s seaweeds brought by the strong waves, not trash. And that’s what added to its beauty, its cleanliness. Although it was open to the public, they have maintained its beauty and it will indeed mesmerize you. This white sand beach was my favorite anyway. It was extremely hot the time we went there. But the hot weather made me enjoy more, goofing around with the waves. When you come to this place, you will realize that this beach is blessed with serenity and tranquillity. One of the best beaches for me.

Back to our stay at our Villa, we spent our last day swimming at the pool. It was so peaceful and feels like we own the pool. One of the priceless moments spent with my beautiful family.





My best picture! Captured by my most beautiful mom. Vacation won’t be complete without these perfect shots.

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