My Love for Baking

I started baking just this July 2016. And I am so happy everything turns out well. Wasn’t expecting of discovering this talent. So yeah, good things take time, as well as talent. Before, I really feel  useless, no talents at all. I can’t dance and sing as well, can’t cook, don’t know any sports and can’t even play instruments. But now, I’m slowly learning to play volleyball and bake some random baked goods.

My first try baking cookies and crinkles was gladly a success. It already taste good and that motivates me to continue baking more and more.


Then my second try was chocolate cupcake for my sister’s birthday. It was a rush so obviously, the frosting’s presentation was kinda failed though it was delicious that I received good reviews. Until I practice piping and piping frostings.

Practice makes perfect. Now at least it looks better and more pleasant though not that perfect. More practice and patience needed. Heh!!!



Who says I can only bake chocolate cupcake? Ofcourse I also can bake red velvet!! 😜 As of now…. Soon, I’ll learn to bake more cupcake flavors.




Bite-size cupcakes are perfect especially to those who doesn’t love cupcakes that much but still want to eat some or to those who can’t finish off one standard-sized cupcake.

These are just ‘teasers’. Some of my baked goodies baked with pure love and sweetness. Will have our bakeshop business soon. Stay tuned! 💗

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