15th Birthday: Astounded by awesome people


Glad to be sharing you one of my wondrous birthday celebration. Words can’t explain how happy I am to have my awesome friends and family who never fails to surprise me. Everything was just unexpected and perfectly planned.

Okay so this is how it goes… From January 9-January 12, 2017 (Monday-Thursday) My mom and dad was going home late. STRAIGHT. Can you imagine? It was my birthday week but they don’t went home early at least to make me feel happy or greet me in advance. Of course, I was a bit fretted. I thought they forgot my special day. Even my friends, the whole week they wasn’t talking about my birthday because every time I start a topic about my birthday, they avoid it and made me feel so down and disappointed and sad and feels like everything negative was around me, bothering me asking myself “Don’t they care? About me? About my birthday?” Then this January 13, 2017 (Friday, one day before my birthday) I thought everyone forgot my advance birthday. No greetings from my close friends. They were so busy that day. They even made me jealous that they were making a black and white-themed surprise for their another friend. I feel so envy because I always dreamed that black and white-themed surprise with black balloons and everything. And now, it wasn’t just a dream.. It was a dream came true!

Here comes the mastermind of all the surprises. My bestest frieeend!!


Their behind the scenes in preparation for the surprise while they’re waiting for me. They said it took so long for me to arrive. My dad picked me up that day at exactly 3 in the afternoon while my sister was left at school said she had a practice and dad entertained me for a while while they were preparing for the surprise and decorations. We went home and bought something at the convenience store then went back at school to pick up my sister. I was on the way to my sister’s classroom to pick her up when I bumped into my teachers then they asked me who am I looking for and what am I doing. I said I was looking for my sister. They said that her adviser still got her some works to do. So we had ‘chika’ first then they made me so worried… We talked about my bestfriend’s grades asking me what happened to him and why did he got low grade last quarter. Then I was so worried when they said to go to our room and they’ll show me his computed low grades and how low he got. I really had no idea about what’s happening and when I entered the room, ta-da!



They all sang happy birthday. I don’t know what to feel cause I was so worried that time because of my two best actress teachers! Hah hah hah! I was so speechless and overwhelmed at the same time.


Here’s a blurry photo of me. The exact moment that I went inside the room. This picture explained everything. Everything was blurry the fact that they all sacrificed and exerted much effort to surprise me on my special day!! I felt so lucky and blessed to have them, a wonderful friends like them. Obviously, I wasn’t ready about the surprise I only wear a shirt, tokong, and a pair of slippers. I look unkempt. Please bear with my face.


Surprise foods for me and everyody! One cake from my family and one cake from my friends. I feel so loved.



Showed how disconcerted I am that moment I even pass through the balloon in my eyes. I looked crazy tho.


My only wish is for me to have more blissful years with my family and friends, longer and healthier life, and a successful future with the people I love.


Paparazzi moments after the surprise with the best people. Words can’t explain.


The gifts, efforts, and love I’ve received in my special day. All the love xx




My exact birthday celebration was held at Vivere Hotel & Resorts, Alabang with my family.


I set up again the decorations that my friends made at the hotel. I surprised myself again! I felt the struggle in setting up the decorations. It was hard, but thinking that they all made those and assemble is none compared to just the fixture I made.


All I can say is I’m beyond grateful for everyone who’d been through my ups and downs and each and every chapter of my life. My family, my friends, and especially God who made me a strong woman I am now. In my 15 years of existence, I’ve learned a lot of lessons from my failures. Little by little building myself up to be a successful independent woman.

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