Grand Ball 2017: A Night to Remember

Girls spend the whole year preparing for it, picking out countless dressed they see in magazines as potential dresses, looking at hairdos, and makeup. Guys…who knows if they prepare beforehand. Most of them didn’t even care. They’ll just wear their suit and ties, comb their hair. All done. So, we’ll leave them out of this.

This was my first ever promenade experience. My mom was so stressed about the expenses yet, she still manages everything for me to experience this once in a lifetime event. But I must admit, she was also excited. She was so supportive in everything. We even had a little argument about the color of the gown I want and the color of the gown she wants. Funny, right? And of course, I won.



I chose this black gown. At first, this wasn’t my choice of color but my suppose to be color choice wasn’t available. Then this gown, it was really destined for me. This was RTO known as ‘Ready to wear’ meaning it was already sewn. And it perfectly fits, no need to alter and repair.

I had the best hair and make up that night that made me more exceptional. All because I seldom wear make up. I wasn’t a fan of make ups  or I must say I don’t know anything about make ups. But I loved it! Simply elegant that suits my gown.


Hair & Make-Up by: Ms. Brianne Gutierrez and Raiza Egdamin ♥

Before I went to the venue, I had a little photoshoot. Thanks to my supportive and stage tita who brought a photographer just to capture a few of my elegant and fascinating moments. Here are some of the superb shots:


Simply elegant was my style. Since black is my favorite color, I was so comfortable of wearing a black gown that perfectly fits my soul. My confidence was oozing. That night, I felt like I was one of those disney princesses who always dress to impress.

I walked into the venue with my head held high, and a huge smile on face, as my friends told me I looked beautiful. I then dropped my bag, and wrap at the table then we snagged for ourselves and prepared for the red carpet entrance and cotillion.



The venue is serene, tranquil, and cool, literally because of its plenty airconditioner unit. It is also ventilated and pleasant in the eyes. The set up was simply amazing with our motif: “The Grand Ball”

After the red carpet rampage, we performed a song entitled: “Count on Me”. Well, as a matter of fact, this song tells us about friendship. More specifically, it tries to relate about what true friends should do to their friends. It is about what good friendship is : letting friends count on you and thrusting them enough to be counting on them.


This was the part of the program where we serenade the guests and the faculty staffs. Followed by the most awaited part, the cotillion where we danced the song entitled “Bring me the Night”


This was my first cotillion experience and it was my pleasure to be dancing with my coolest best friend ever! It was a fun beautiful experience for me especially because I was able to do it with my friends. Learning the dances was interesting, and I realized I could actually dance something like the Waltz. There is also an elegance in my first Cotillion that I loved, and that is understanding how to behave in elegant and formal social settings. The social lessons I learned through our Cotillion also builds my confidence, which I’ll appreciate tremendously as I grow into adulthood.

After the cotillion, we ate dinner and had some photobooth with friends. Then I had a speech.


Where I delivered my messages to the seniors who will be graduating and leaving the school and to the teachers who guide, support and love us unconditionally and who changed my aspect on learning. It was emotional tho but still manages not to cry because my make up would fade.

The highlight and unexpected part of this event, was the moment I was titled as the “Princess of the Night”. That was the first time in forever that I won a title. Because I wasn’t even there for the special awards and titles, I was there for the experience and memories with my friends and second family. So I was very happy about it. Truly the best things happen unexpectedly.


These were my souvenirs. Sash, photobooth copies, bouquet of flowers. Everytime I see these,  I remember how special that night was and I was hoping that it could happen again and again. It has taught me life-long lessons that will help me forever. I am very glad I participated in this Promenade. I know the things I learned while participating will give me an advantage later on in life. The Grand Ball is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the learning that has transpired as well as create a memorable experience for all participants. The best!!!


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