Foodtrips in Taipei (Taiwan)

A travel to a certain country wouldn’t be complete without tasting their authentic foods most especially to a hungry girl like me!! We had a 6-day stay at City Suites, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan. For me, traveling isn’t just about the tour and journey but also the food experience together with new learnings and discoveries about their culture and lifestyle.

Guess what? I learned to eat soup using a chopsticks. Kidding! Haha! I learned to eat rice and noodles using just a pair of chopsticks perfectly (swear, I hate using chopsticks before because I don’t know how) ’cause you’ll have no choice but a Chinese soup spoon which is also hard to use for a rice meal. No spoon and no fork as well. So still tiis-ganda when it comes to eating. But congrats to me, such an achievement to learn eating with a pair of chopsticks.

Sharing with you guys the best foods I tasted for the first time in my life. Hmmm. Maybe I was overacting? Honestly, most of their foods haven’t touched my taste buds before but some foods I just enjoyed eating tho.


  • Hot Star Large Fried Chicken


We first saw this at Shilin Night Market when we noticed that people are lining up to the long queue. So we got curious and wanted to try what’s so special about it. Of course it was also interesting to see a huuuugee breaded fried chicken!



And we’re getting close to reach our turn. The struggle is so real!!!!! Talking to Taiwanese people was really really hard. Most of them don’t understand and neither speak English that’s why we always say either “yes yes” or just nod our heads to whatever they are saying. Lol! I remember when we were at Sogo Mall’s foodcourt waiting for mommy and daddy while they were buying our foods someone asked me but in different language but I think she’s asking if she can sit on the chair in front of us (me and my sister) then I was shocked ’cause I don’t know what to answer and I was like “Uhmm, no there’s ano..” then she almost sat down (I think she don’t understand what I’m saying) so I said again “no no, there”s someone there” Hahaha!! Omg pardon my english I was nonplussed at that embarrassing moment of my life. Until now my sister still teases me about my “no there’s ano” line. Anyways, we agreed to whatever the vendor was saying so we got a salt & pepper flavor of the chicken.



NT $70 each

Tadaaaa! Long queue but worth the wait. It is insanely huge! I think it’s about 11-inches long. Perfectly partnered with their rice (Their rice is so good, so soft and chewy) Still I wasn’t able to devour the whole chicken. It’s so big I think it’s good for 2-3 persons.




  • Torched Angus Beef Cubes


I think I started to love beef ever since I tasted this. My mom and ordered this about four times. First tried at Raohe Night Market, then Shillin Night Market, then at Guangzhou Night Market, and lastly at Raohe Night Market again (near our hotel) It’s price list is so catchy with its funny translation plus the vendor is so friendly. We had this for four days in a row, and still have dreams about it.



The angus beef is first grilled, then torched before it is served. Its torching process is very soothing and relaxing to watch. I was hypnotized. Its grilling and torching process give it a unique flavor and excrete beef juices you’ve never tasted before.


NT $100 for this serving

Freshly torched and irresistibly delicious and juicy angus beef! There’s a lot of flavors and array of seasoning to choose from but we tried the rose salt seasoning. Simple but flavorful!



  • Mos Burger

Seafood rice burger (NT $180 w/ sides and drinks), Beef rice burger (NT $175 w/ sides and drinks)

The first rice burger I’ve ever tasted! It was so so good! Especially the seafood rice burger. Yum yum! I’ve tried this twice. It is said that Mos Burger is the commensurate of fast food chains like Jollibee and Mcdonalds. Hope they bring it in the Philippines. Surely it would fit Filipino’s sense of taste. And it is easier to eat, no need of utensils.




  • DIY Cotton Candy


Don’t judge me but I suddenly became a kid at heart because of this. It’s not that I haven’t tasted a cotton candy in my whole life, but it was my first time to make my very own cotton candy, yay! So much love for this ♥♥



I already placed the sugar in that hole in the middle.  Yikes! Looks like spider web. But it was so sweet and soft and just so perfect!


2017_0416_16070100 After few minutes of twisting and turning the stick around, ta-da! Here it is now. Looks like chicken feather. Lol. But I really had fun doing this.  I was laughing the whole time because my mom is so cute she uses her hands to scrape off the cotton candy left on the side. Now I want to buy my own cotton candy maker.


NT $30 (insert three NT $10 coin)

Here’s my very own cotton candy. Forgive me, it wasn’t that perfect but I’ll try harder next time! Still was a great and enjoyable experience.


  • Soft Ice Cream


This was at Core Pacific City’s (known as Living Mall) food court. It is enticing because of its tall twirled cream.


NT $35 each (available flavors: vanilla, chocolate, mixed vanilla & chocolate)

Here it is. I ordered vanilla, it tastes like milk. It’s cute but much better if I was the one who twirled the ice cream. Nothing special except for its unique length and kinda different taste plus its crispy sugar cone.


Sorry for my face, haha! I was really trying to get a perfect shot. My sister ordered mixed vanilla and chocolate by the way.


  • Polar Delight Frozen Dessert
NT $55 each

Found this at 7 eleven convenience store. It is already twirled and ready to eat. It was so good! I love this! Haven’t tasted an ice cream as luscious as this. Hope this would be also available at 7 eleven Philippines. But my only concern is its cone is already tensile. But when it comes to ice cream, all good, no problemo!


  • Oreo Coffee Frappe

NT $60 (also available in oreo chocolate frappe)

This was also the best! Found this at Family Mart convenience store. I love coffee frappes ever since so I had this about four times because it was really good! My mom kept on saying “yan nanaman? Mukha ka nang kape!” everytime I’m begging her to drop by at family mart to buy this. I told her “minsan lang naman eh” with matching paawa face so she won’t be able to resist. Nothing special with this just coffee frappe with oreo bits but I don’t really know why I was so obsessed with this.

I really hope this one’s also be available in the Philippines so I don’t have to come back in Taiwan just to buy this. Lol. But over all, it was a unique and fun food trip experience although we had a really bad time ordering foods because we cannot understand each other clearly. Phew! To many more travels and food trips!



  • Strawberries

NT $100

Found this while walking at Ximending shopping area. Baguio feels! But their strawberries seemed larger and fresher. But they have no sugar 🙁 I love strawberries dipped in sugar. Still it was juicy and sweet.


  • Vendo Machine


Enough with food, beverages are also important to avoid choking. Heh, I remembered ordering rice burger and the drinks we got was tea (I hate tea!! So much!!) I was already choking so I slowly eat and chew my food. We don’t know how to order water because we know that they won’t understand us, it would just be a long long conversation. But hopefully we found Vendo machines since they are everywhere in Taiwan that made it easier for us to buy beverages without any hassle pointing and ordering and answering “yes” to whatever the vendor/ cashier says.

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