Cafe by the Ruins Dua

The original Cafe by the Ruins also known as Baguio’s beloved culinary icon was partially burned last April 30, 2017. The good thing was all the staffs and guests were safe. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Cafe by the Ruins Dua is the newest extension of the original establishment Cafe by the Ruins. It still keeps many of the old favorites from the first branch, but Dua’s menu is more seasonal and vigorous. 

Wasn’t able to visit the first branch but Dua’s branch is just simply instagrammable and comfortable. They say that Cafe Dua has a different ambiance compared to the original cafe. But it has a second floor with roomy vibes and great lighting from the windows. I can say that this one’s the most visited restaurant in Baguio City ever since because we had a hard time looking for a parking space. This was my 4th time to go here in Baguio and still got many places and restaurants left to discover.


Its simply aesthetic signage on the outside captured my eyes. I easily get attracted to some artsy look just like this one. I’m a bit minimalist tho. And I easily see art on simple things, shapes, and even looks through my own imagination.


The classic woven menu is just amazing! Indeed a place for fresh food and friendship. Since they have their open kitchen that allows you to watch how they prepare dishes plus the cozy vibes perfect to chill with your friends.

While waiting for the food, there’s a lot of picture perfect spots, almost every corner. Well, they serve food so fast (the service is superb and staffs are approachable) so you can continue your picture taking sesh after enjoying their delicious meals since they have a peaceful and calm surroundings so you won’t have to worry about other people looking at you while taking pictures.


My face when I’m hungry :-/ Kidding, I just feel so cold. Obviously with my thick jacket since it is rainy and foggy when we visited Cafe Dua that made the temperature colder. But still enjoying the cold weather since I’ve had enough of the blistering and tropical weather in Manila.


So I tried their best-selling Baguio Bagnet with a unique fishy dip. But dip is untenable so I looked for lechon sauce and sadly, they don’t have one. But still the bagnet was good and so crispy and mouth-watering. Hi again baby fats!


We also tried their basil bread and it was so good! Especially when it is a bit toasted. There are still lot of food choices there but of course, I wasn’t able to try them all. No space left on my stomach. Burp!


You can compare my face before and after eating and can easily say that there’s a big difference. Even the stairs is instagrammable. There’s still many corners there that is picture perfect but I don’t want to spoil them all. So just go and visit them and see for yourself.

Food: 9/10

Price point (10 the most expensive): 7/10

Service: 10/10

Instagrammable: 10/10

Address: 225 Upper Session Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

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