Inflatable Island Ph

I had another adventure at Inflatable Island Ph, known to be the biggest floating playground in Asia. It has 3,400 sqm inflatable island which is said to be as big as 8 basketball courts. The depth of the Inflatable Island ranges from 6 to 15 feet so you will really need a life vest for safety when you fall in the ocean. I must say that it was really a roller coaster experience. We expected so much yet turns out substandardly. So what you’re gonna read was just my honest review and opinion.

Let’s start with their instagrammable aqua blue container. Before we went here, I’ve searched some of the picture-perfect spots in the place and noticed that most of the recent visitors have taken a photograph on this background, so I did too. Haha! They also have yellow, blue, and red container. But I find this color simply elegant tho especially with my ‘pak na pak’ long dress.



Then this view and the beach plus the giant havaianas inflatables. Sadly, the ocean was a bit filthy and unclean. We found some diapers, plastic bottles, and even shampoo sachets floating along the shore while swimming. I hope they’re gonna be able to maintain the cleanliness of the beach. And also to those planning to go there, please be responsible on your trash, they have trashcans there so be sure to throw them properly. Another thing is, there is no longer floating zoo!!!!!!! So this havaianas inflatables as temporary substitute. It hurts so much because we are extremely excited especially to the unicorn one so we didn’t bring our giant swan and other floaties knowing that they have already provided it there. When we asked their staffs, they said that all the floaties in the floating zoo are deflated already. Huhu! We also bought a drink but no inflatable holder, aahhh! Disappointed.



Me waiting for our free lunch. I’m hungry, as always!! Heh. (We bought a package deal online with free lunch and meryenda.)



Another disappointment, they have lots of choices in their rice meals but got out of stock and weren’t able to refill so we had no choice but this pork adobo and chicken inasal. Nothing special with the taste.



Another thing was this FAQ posted on their website. It is said that no outside food and drinks but mostly of them have brought foods like this jollibee meals. Also found a group with KFC meal but wasn’t able to take a picture of it. Also, they also allowed people to eat in Bali Lounge. They’re not strict enough about their rules. That’s why the beach looked cheap immediately just few months after they opened.


B A L I   L O U N G E 


This one’s my fave with their colorful umbrellas and comfy beanbags onshore. The best place to sit back and relax while waiting for your time to play. Picture perfect it is! Please excuse my baby fats out there. Here’s more of my photos:



Still found our way to enjoy and relax despite disappointments. Picture picture!


F L O A T I N G  P L A Y G R O U N D


Play time!!I was so excited to try them all. I only have few photos during our play because we had no water proof camera. But yeah, I enjoyed every moment and once again conquered my fear. (It was literally floating huhu! Not what I expected. Feels like you’re boating along the ocean but with a twist.)



I looked so tired here but still smiling. I must say, the struggle is real!! So hard to balance my heavy body. Haha! So funny when someone slipped especially when it’s me. But a big pressure to not fall on the salty ocean water. Be sure to cover your nose. And to those asking, yes it’s safe. There are lifeguards around the area that’ll help you. And the obstacles have vary difficulties so still enjoyable.


Photo from

Here’s the floating island map ’cause I have no actual picture from above. It may look small and easy on this picture but I’m telling you, it was huge and thrilling and extreme!! I tried and experienced the trampoline, jungle bars, happy swing, sunny slide, kiddie slide, wobbly bridge, and the giant tarzan swing & slide. Though I failed and hurt my back, still enjoyed and proud of myself! And I can really say that I still enjoyed all those extreme floating adventures. Now, my body’s painful and tired. But still worth it.



Here’s the rate. I think it’s cheaper when you book online. Go by their website – for more infos.

Disclaimer: No floating zoo, beer pong, and the bucket list. I think it’s only availablee during weekends.

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