Scriptures Cafe

Scriptures Cafe is a coffee shop with homey vibes and ambiance of praise, worship, rest and relaxation for people who want fellowship. I’ve been here about five times already (I think more than five however) usually with my friends and family. This is a must try cafe because it is affordable, the food’s superb plus the place is instagrammable and at the same time filled with biblical verses that’ll make you appreciate everything Jesus had done for us. They also have some board games to play with while waiting for the food (Just make sure to use and return them properly courtesy to the next customer). This is best for prayer meetings, reunion  and even simple family and friends get together.



My sample not-so-instagrammable shot. Featuring my all time favorite salted caramel frappe, my sissy’s fave mocha frappe and their plant with cotton bud fruit. Kidding aside, they also have coffees (hot and cold), frappes, snacks, pastas, and rice meals. So many food choices that’ll surely make you glutted.



I forgot what flavor is this but I find their latte art adorable. This is perfect for cold weather or even the cold treatment of your crush. Ha ha!



So obviously, I super love their salted caramel frappe and best paired with carbonara and other pastas. Swear, I never tried their other flavors ’cause I’m sticking to this one. Caramel is my favorite frappe flavor in any cafes so yes, I’m 100% caramel-obsessed.



My all time favorite!!!!!! Cheesy bacon fries and flavorful honey garlic chicken wings! There were times that during class discussions, I was craving on this so bad so after class, I go here immediately and order my favorites. Problem solved and stress relieved. I even spent my birthday here eating chicken wings and frappe. Someone told me “baka maging manok ka na niyan ha!“. I find it funny but still never to stop eating chicken wings.



Can we take a moment to appreciate my favorite mouth-watering salted caramel frappe oozing with so much goodness?



And then there’s me. Lol. I usually go here after class to order their best honey garlic chicken wings and salted caramel frappe. And if I still have some extra money, why not add some cheesy bacon fries, aye? 😉



These are some of the freebies I got from them. A diary planner, a bookmark, and some booklets with touching stories about how much Jesus loves us. I super love the diary planner where I’m now writing random memories and the highlights of each month.

Overall, everything’s good from their food to ambiance to their friendly staffs and to the dining experience. Perfect place to chill and and feel God’s presence from within. Best times to stay here is when you are down, you feel sad, worried, or lonely. Go invite your best pal and swear, you’ll leave here with comforted feelings and sincere smile. And yep, I will surely return to this place.

Food: 10/10

Price point (10 the most expensive): 6/10

Service: 10/10

Instagrammable: 10/10

Address: Block 15 Lot 39 Phase 2 Central Park Camella Springville (MV Villar Avenue along Solidarity Route) Molino 3, Bacoor City, Cavite

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