Unicorn Dream Cafe

Unicorn is a mythical creature. A real unicorn looks like a horse with a single pointed and spiraling horn but when our wild imagination has been used, it becomes a cutie and magical one. The internet went crazy on this new trendy cafe.

Unicorn-themed cafe with bright pastel colors straight from our fantasy dreams! I first saw a unicorn-themed cafe in Bangkok (haven’t gotten there yet but I’ve watched some random vlogs) This cafe’s fancy and classy at the same time filled with colorful unicorn murals plus the fancy and fab chairs and desserts that are also colorful and unicorn themed. Perfect for instagrammers out there especially if your ig feed’s a pastel-themed.



Me thinking what does a unicorn barf tastes like… Kidding aside, I was just posing. 😉



In addition to their colorful theme was this pinky flower (looks like cherry blossom but I’m not really sure, heh) Also love the witty parking sign saying that violators will be turned into rainbows.



Pastel colors and unicorns everywhere! From the pillows, to chairs, to murals and to the ceiling. Truly pleasant to look at. While waiting for the food, I imagine myself riding a unicorn. Sounds funny, but yeah, it’s true. Feels like my imagination came to life. Plus the hand-painted unicorn murals by artists Silvino Dulnuan and Kyle Viscara is just amazing! If I have a wonderful art talent like them, I would design my own room with whatever pattern I wanted. But I can’t even draw a perfect circle. Lol.



We ordered the usual snacks we eat (nachos, potato chips, and carbonara) featuring my very own “kunwari kumukuha” hand pose. Forgot the exact price because I was so hungry but it’s very cheap and affordable. They also have burgers, onion rings, and many more foods and beverages.



For the beverage, we ordered the purple gurple (ube flavor) and the pinky paw (strawberry flavor) filled with cute and colorful candy toppings (mostly gummies) perfect for the sweet tooth out there like me.



Also tried hiding behind their cotton candy.. I mean, tried their cotton candy. Nothing special but its perfect shape.


Looks like an umbrella, or a wig? Or a cloud? Share your thoughts about this cotton candy!



They also have this unicorn headband you can wear for picture taking or even while enjoying their food. They’re super cute I wanted to take one home huhu! Unicorn feels



As you can see, I’m one happy kiddo here. Super love the sweet and majestic vibes and the catchy and playful blend of the desserts and snacks to the cafe itself.



Before leaving the cafe, of course one last picture. I mean two. Overall, it was a unique, magical, and colorful dining experience. Go visit this cafe, make your unicorn dreams come true and channel your inner unicorn!


Food: 8/10

Price point (10 the most expensive): 4/10

Service: 9/10

Instagrammable: 10/10

Address: The Marand Nest Building, Upper Bonifacio Street corner Sumulong, Baguio City.

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