Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe

One of my worthwhile experience before going back on stressful school days. And one of the best Cafe I’ve ever been! As in!!! I consider this on top among all the cafes we’ve been. We came here unexpectedly. We were looking for a cafe around Tagaytay City (since we, especially me, love to eat at different cafes) during our overnight stay there and we’ve found this. I’ve never expected that this would be this good. Where I’ve got to channel my inner dreamer heart. I’ve realized that oh, wow, I love these kinds of stuffs, aye? Homey Cafe with artsy dreamy vibes plus good food. Just wow.

They have this activity area at their rooftop. With a fee, but trust me, it is 101% worth it.



See? Truly dreamy. Filled with plenty of their hand crafted dream catchers. Full of good vibes for fellow dreamers, artists, and crafters out there.



200php registration fee for the activity area.

The registration fee comes with free bracelet materials for you to make your own, drawing and art materials, complimentary drinks (refreshing honey-mansi juice) and free socks. Yay! Every corner is truly picture perfect. Dream catchers are all around I know for sure, you’ll not have a bad dream 🙂



For the food, we ordered mojos, chicken wings (my all time fave yaaaas), and the DIY s’mores where you’ll be the one to toast the marshmallow and I enjoyed it since I always wanted to have a bonfire with marshmallows, and I’ve got to experience it only at Dreeamland Arts & Crafts Cafe. Two thumbs up for the food, though the serving time is a little bit long (about 30-45mins) But I’m busy making my bracelet so I haven’t felt that boredom while waiting for the food.



After eating, I played in this cutie tent. Although I’m too big for it, I still insist to go inside and fit myself in since I haven’t experienced this before.



They also have this sungka and happily, I know how to play this game. There are lot of things to do inside the activity area rather than making a bracelet and doing some artsy craftsy stuffs.



Free no wifi zone, disconnect to connect, social media detox, talk to each other, pretend it’s 1993, talk about good things, ideas and inspirations, more good vibes, connect with your inner self, are some of the catchy sentences in this water bottle. I find it really nice since the place is really far from toxicity of other people and mostly of social media since they have no wifi so pure bond, good talks, and more memories is built within the place.



Here’s more of my dreamy photos. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. I’m so overwhelmed!



Brought home a pair of socks and the bracelet I made. Sorry it wasn’t perfect, tried my best tho. And I’m not that artsy, heh.

In need of more bizarre and out of norms cafes like this. Another one of a kind and the best experience I’ve had. Dine and dream together with your loved ones. Show off your best dreamland outfit (I wasn’t prepared so I’m on my typical outfit, hehe)


Tip: If you’re not registering on the activity area, you won’t be allowed in the rooftop. But they have dining spaces on the ground floor.

Food: 10/10

Price point (10 the most expensive): 7/10

Service: 9/10

Instagrammable: 10/10

Address: Purok 157 Calamba Road, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite

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