Mid-year special: Life lessons

If life was easy, where would all the adventures be?

2018 is halfway there! Woah there! The first six months of 2017 was of course and as always, stressful but also full of unexpected and life changing experiences. Life itself is indeed a thrilling roller coaster ride, it has its ups and downs. Sometimes you scream from the peaks, sometimes you laugh trough the loops-y loops, and sometimes you enjoy every twist and turn.

We started school last June 19 and I swear it was my saddest first day of school in my life. All my close friends-classmates transferred school, my best friend and other friends are now on their senior high school. And now, it’s only me. I admit it wasn’t easy. Sometimes I eventually feel really sad and lonely that my tears was about to fall from my (beautiful, hehe) eyes. But hey, I’m a strong woman. Aren’t I? I have to be strong for myself. I have to face life with courage and prowess. I know that God won’t let me face everything alone so here He is, with me right now plus he gave me an awesome family and crazy best friend so yep, all good. God is truly amazing! Whatever it is I’m facing right now is just a challenge for me to be more independent and stronger than ever. So thank you so much to our amazing Father in heaven for the endless love and guidance.

So what’s the secret on hard situations like this? PRAYERS. POSITIVITY. GOOD VIBES. CATCH UP. Praying is a big help to lessen the burden and whatever it is obstructing in our minds. Positivity is a great optimism that each and everyone of us should have. While good vibes spreads happiness to other people. Catch up with the people you love and I swear, nothing feels good than hanging out with family and friends, no matter how simple it is. I know, I know, most of the times it won’t really be easy but not all time it would be that difficult so keep on moving forward and focus on the good side of life.

Overall, I learned that life isn’t just about the good times, the happiness, and the positive side. Everything has its opposite so it’s the same thing with life. It all depends on us on how we handle every situation, if we will let it consume ourself or continue to live a life worth living, and how we face every challenges in our everyday lives. So cheers to us, to everyone out there who is surviving despite all the toxicity and negativity around. I am proud of ya’ll ♥♥♥ You are all loved & appreciated, always. Spreading love and good vibes to everyone! All the love, xx

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