It’s been a year…

It’s been a year since I first introduced my blog to everyone. Let me share my story how I got to think of starting my own blogging site. It was summer 2016 and it was really hot and boring and annoying because I’ve got nothing to do to at least enjoy my vacation but surf the internet. So since I was really focused on social media that time,  I decided why not make my summer vacation productive, aye? Then I started my own website to at least make my summer vacation un-boring and my social media usage worthy.

Glad it was an awesome year for me. And I was really happy that everyone was so supportive about it. Most of them even introduced and shared my blog to their friends and that makes my heart hella happy! But of course, as expected, I also heard some negative comments like I was being too feeler and ‘ambisyosa’ to be a blogger. Well, the truth is, I blog for myself. And as far as I know, I’m not hurting anybody and I love what I’ve been doing. And, lemme clear things up guys, if you have a passion (or dream) in life, as long as you love what you’re doing, negativities and toxicity around won’t matter. Trust me 🙂 Be the best version of yourself! Don’t mind other people. Focus on the good. Goodness will transcend among all.



I published my blog exactly on June 07, 2016 but it had to be properly done and settle everything. July 25, 2016 when I decided to introduced it to everyone through my Facebook and Instagram account.


Never expected that I would come this far (not that far ha. lol.) that many people viewed and continue to view and read my website. Everyone was so supportive right now and I just can’t contain the happiness I am feeling right now after receiving a lot of e-mails, messages, and random appreciation from different people that makes my heart really happy! That gave me more strength and motivation to continue blogging.

Thank you to everyone who keep on supporting my blog and my passion, keep on sending me blissful messages and positive feedbacks, and to everyone who supported my very 1st year of blogging! Planning on having a giveaway real soon!!! 🙂 I will always be one happy blogger all because of you guys!


Spreading love & good vibes to everyone especially to my avid readers out there!! Love you guys! Keep on supporting my blog ♥


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