The Pinnacle Suites and Functions, Antique

Last October, we went all the way from Manila to Iloilo City (air travel) then from Iloilo City to Antique (land travel).  It was a tiring trip but it was all retrieved with the refreshing (and at the same time slightly creepy) ambiance of the suite we stayed in.

The province of Antique (pronounced as: /ɑːnˈtkɛ/) is located in the region of Western Visayas. Every time I hear the province of Antique, creeps all around me. I thought it was all about ‘aswang’ and all the supernaturals. But Antique really is about the beauty of the Philippines. Still too many places left to discover here.

The Pinnacle Suites and Functions is located at San Jose de Buenavista that serves as the provincial capital of Antique province, the center of commerce and trade, and the seat of the provincial government and national government agencies.

The suite is filled with cozy vibes with its vivid lights and serene ambiance.

Plants and trees are all around the corner. That’s why the place is filled with clean and fresh air.


The best experience? Unlimited Coffee for free!!! It is on their breakfast tables outside, ‘wantusawa’ coffee. And because of that, I drank almost three cups of coffee and makes it harder for me to sleep. And I got a really bad headache in the morning. Ha ha! Guess I should not drink that much coffee again.

Wasn’t able to take good pictures of the bedroom because no good lighting inside. But the room is a bit creepy because of its antique furnitures. I was so scared with their ‘aparador’ lol. It was too huge that I can almost fit inside. But oh well, everything was just my imagination.

They also serve good breakfast. Super love the rice!!! I think I ate about two or three cups of rice. Now how’s my diet?? No comment though.

Of course I never left a place with no photos. So here it is:

Every corner is just fantastic and picture perfect. If you happen to be in San Jose, Antique, this is the perfect place for you to stay in and also the perfect place for parties and functions because they have spacious rooms. The staffs are also very accommodating and attentive.


Address: AML BLDG. Corner Dalipe-Alabay, San Jose, Antique, Philippines 5700

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