Junior High School Night 2018

I’m about to finish my Junior High School and move up to Senior High School. That’s why this was a very special and momentous event of the year for me. I’ve studied and grew up in one school. Ever since my preschool years until now that I’m about to finish my Junior High School. 

It has been a roller coaster ride. With all those transient emotions. Now I’m feeling really sad and emotional. I don’t wanna leave my school, my second home, rather. It is where I grew up to become a responsible and mature woman. It is where I encountered and discovered real friends. It is where I spent almost 12 years of my life. Ahhhhhh! This is it! I’m really growing up.

So I’ve said too much. Lol. Now I’m gonna share my last wonderful and magical night with my fellow Junior High School peeps! So much for ya’ll! ♥

We had our High School Night last February 18, 2018 at The Bellevue Hotel Manila. I must say this one’s 10x better than the last year’s venue. And because my family was so supportive, we checked in at the hotel so it would be easier for me to prepare and to go to the venue. Before I went to the venue, just a few floors from our hotel room, I had a little photoshoot.


HMUA: Ms. Raiza Egdamin 


So yaaaas, I had a fab look that night. I really felt like beautiful kween for a night!


(Special thanks to my Mommy & Little Sissy for all the support and effort to capture these wonderful shots)


The venue was superb, the stage decoration was glamorous, the food was nice, the dessert was the best!!


And this was the best part, I was unexpectedly crowned as the Queen of the Night. Prolly thought that I would not take home any award tho since I was the last one to be called. And I’m beyond grateful. I prayed that whatever I got was the one I deserve. Guess I really deserve the crown that night. 👑


Would also like to congratulate my fellow high school students who also took home not just an award but also a memory to cherish. I’m proud of you all ♥ We all deserve this!


And of course, the special night couldn’t be more special without my bunch of happiness.

Forever grateful for having them! I never expected that we would have this solid friendship and bond few months before I leave the school. It was just the best. No words could ever explain how much happiness they continue to bring in my life.


And also to my adorable pakner, thank you for your company. ♥


This was also the best part. Where all of us sang the finale song entitled “History” by One Direction. I think we indeed had a whole lot of history and we really could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen. Will definitely miss this! (Well guys, I was literally listening to the song while I was typing this. Hehe)


To top it all off, the night was just perfect. It was the night we all wish to never end but has come to an end. It was indeed a memorable night especially for us, the Seniors batch. My heart is so happy.


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