My Current Obsessions

Curious about what I’ve been obsessing over? I’m so glad to share my current obsession slash the main reason why I spend too much money all the timedon’t judge me though, I’m gastadora at times pero I still manage naman na mag-ipon and that’s one thing I’m proud of. I can buy all the stuffs I want but not reaching the point of being broke, because I have been managing my money and my savings well. And honestly, I’d rather spend my money on stuffs and thingies than on foods (because I’m on a diet 😜). 

Now, I would be sharing my current obsession to give you some ideas on what gift to buy for my birthday. Kidding aside, I would be sharing with you guys what I’m currently hyped about. These are the stuffs I’ll constantly be hunting for at malls, and even on Instagram shops.



Obsession #1: Sunnies

I don’t even know how my obsession with sunnies started. Before, I only have 3 sunnies. Now, I have about a dozen of it. And it was hella crazy I’ve got to collect all these! But yes, I would love to collect more. ♥ More styles, more colors, and more designs please!



Obsession #2: Earrings

Specifically hoops & long earrings. I also don’t know how it started, I just realized that I have a collection already. I love it especially when we travel. It’s best for different OOTDs.



♡ Fave sunnies from + fave earrings from @wear.joey ♡



Obsession #3: Iconic Socks

This has been my craziest collection ever. I have now almost 25 pairs of socks. Different brands, but I love them all! As you can see, some of them still have tags because I seldom use socks especially during this very hot weather.



Obsession #4: Pouches & Purse

I have so many pouches and wallets but don’t have enough money to fill them in. I usually use them for flat lay purposes only.


Well, these are pretty much the (material) things that I’m currently obsessing over. How ’bout you?


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