Sixteen things I learned at SIXTEEN

It’s been a month or two, since I turned sixteen— my sweet sixteenth birthday. Well I had a simple celebration. Still, I was so happy though I celebrated my special day the simplest way.

Sixteen years of my life journey was by far, amazing. Yep, it was an amazing yet stressful journey. I’ve experienced a lot of pain but it was all worth it because I also experienced happiness and success despite those pain. Bitter-sweet though. As they say that one of the best teacher in life are our experiences. We all learn a lot from our experiences, especially from our mistakes. 

So I recently had my retreat last March. And wow! As in wow! It was indeed a life-changing and soulful experience. I had a lot of realizations, my soul was refreshed, I have felt a relief, and most especially, I felt the Lord’s presence in my heart, from deep within. Life is indeed challenging. Sometimes you don’t even know what to do, you almost give up, you get tired, you get stressed out, you cry a lot, you feel like the world is against you, and you even feel useless. But you just have to go with the flow, fight through it all, and strengthen your faith.

I would be sharing the things I have learned and realized throughout my sixteen years of existence in this wonderful world. The things that had a great impact in my life and have helped me become the person I am today. I know there are more to come and I am ready, opened and receptive to them all.

     1.  Always be kind.

I’ve seen a poster before saying “Be kind. Even if others are not, even if others cannot, and even if others will not.” and I agree. There’s just so much bitterness and hatred in this world that a simple act of kindness can turn it into goodness and peace. Amidst the negativities and troubles throughout the world, kindness would always prevail.


      2. Know your worth.

Know your worth, then add tax. Kidding aside, this is always important because we tend to forget to love ourselves when we love another person.


     3. Everything in life has a purpose.

Instead of questioning “why is this happening?” or “what did I do wrong for this to happen?” and etc. Know that there’s always a reason in every situation. I began having this mindset when I’m starting to mature and develop emotionally. Even when something bad happens, I try to calm down and remind myself that God has a plan for me, a better one.


     4. People really change. But memories with them don’t.

This was my saddest realization. People really come and go. We have to accept that reality. But sometimes you just can’t help but feel sad. Reminiscing all those happy memories with them sucks because for once, they became part of your life, they made you happy, and you shared wonderful moments together. But it’s their loss anyways. Though they have a special place in our hearts. Let’s all be grateful and appreciated those people who stayed.


      5. Choose to be happy.

Happiness is a choice.We can choose to live a happy life, to be a happy person. Anyone could be happy as long as they choose to be. So it would be all up to you. Let’s choose to be with those people who make us happy. And do whatever makes us happy. Being happy is such a great feeling. Let’s focus on the bright side of life. 🌈 Stay positive!


     6.  Appreciate the littlest and simplest things.

This one’s connected to number 5. Every time we appreciate the simplest things in life, we tend to become happier. Because we don’t complain and demand for more, rather, we appreciate what’s already in front of us. And I think that’s one important virtue in life, contentment.

     7. People don’t always have the same heart as you.

We usually expect people to treat us the way we treat them. But we need to realize that we all have different outlook and perspective in life. We have different ways on how we see things and how we want or allow things to happen. Be kind anyways. And understand that it is always important to respect each other’s opinion.


     8. Relax and take it easy.

Whenever something bad happens, remember that it’s just a bad day, not a bad life. You’ll get through it. Just relax and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. After all, life isn’t life without those trials and challenges. Don’t forget to smile. 🙂

     9. Have time for yourself.

It is also important to have “me time”. This is a way of strengthening one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Take time to appreciate and love yourself, including your flaws and imperfections. Treat and pamper yourself and don’t be shy going out alone as long as you enjoy your own company.  Spend time with yourself. Self-love is always the best love 🌻


     10. Focus on your goals.

Sharing my motto“Focus on you goals and you will be unstoppable.” Don’t let other people weigh you down. Just FOCUS on whatever you dream to be. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. Do it for yourself, not for other people. Though it may sometimes be hard but it can be easier when we do have a motivation and an inspiration.


     11. Don’t rely on others for your happiness.

As I have said earlier to spend time with yourself. That you will realize that YOU can make yourself happier than ever. That you can also be happy without the help of other people. But we must admit that there are also some things that we can’t provide for ourselves but other people can.


     12. Enjoy life.

Life is one of the greatest gift from God. There are definitely many ways to enjoy the gift of life. Despite those battles, no matter how hard it is, fight for it, choose to live. Explore, travel, dream, enjoy, be happy, fall in love, be fulfilled, and many many more.


     13. Always do what you love and what makes you happy.

It won’t be hard for you to deal with other people’s judgement if you’re doing the things that you love. Like me, I really love blogging and blogging makes me happy. There are some people who keep on saying that I’m trying too hard. Well, I love what I am doing and I’m proud of it. I don’t even need to try hard to be a blogger. For all I know, I blog for myself not for anyone else.


      14. No expectations, no disappointments.

I know that this one’s common. But I still wanted to share my thoughts about it. I always expect something from other people, and it sucks. ‘Cause if they don’t meet my expectation, I get too disappointed and sad. Now, whatever they can givewhether material things or attention, I’ll appreciate. Whatever they can’t, I’ll understand. No more expectations, just appreciation.



     15. Don’t judge other people’s choices.

In the wide world of social media, many people are slowly becoming too judgemental on whatever they see on the internet, specifically on celebrities. C’mon guys, let’s just respect one another. We’re just putting so much pressure on media. We all have different opinion. If you hate that person while the other love that person, respect one another instead of having a clash.



     16. Disconnect to reconnect.

I learned this during our retreat. We all know that technology (such as televisions, mobile phones, and computers) and media is useful but it’s taking over the world and slowly taking an essential part in our everyday lives. We cannot even imagine how life would be without them. It brings us closer to those people who are far from us but withdraw us from the people who are with us. That’s why it’s also important to at least, disconnect from it even only for a day. Disconnect from the world of technology and social media to reconnect with other people. We had the best experience during our trip last year at Guimaras, we went to a beach resort where there is no signal, no WiFi, and no television at all. You’ll learn to live and enjoy the moment. And you’ll get to have a pure and real bonding with you friends and family.




Love, D ♡

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