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Traveling inside the park is nice but it takes a lot of time especially the attractions with almost 3hrs of waiting time. What is a Fastpass? A FastPass is a digital ticketing system that allows every ticket holder the opportunity to “skip-the-line” on selected attractions. The Fastpass tickets are free as long as you purchased their park tickets.

Getting a fastpass is easy. You just have to scan the QR code in your ticket at the fastpass machine in front of the attraction and your fastpass ticket will immediately be printed with its given time schedule. Then you go back at the attraction at the given schedule without the need to queue for about an hour or two. Just be careful not to loose your fastpass ticket since it will be presented to the staff before experiencing the attraction.

This is a fastpass. We only got three since you can only get a fastpass every 2 hours. Now I’m about to share our strategy on how we get to ride all the blockbuster attractions without wasting so much time on waiting in queue.


First stop: Toy Story Mania! (Get Fastpass)

We did not ride yet because the waiting time was 90 minutes and it’s about an hour and a half so we decided to get a fast pass for the ride instead. It was hilarious that we got the 8:30PM-9:30PM fastpass slot. This ride is just insanely blockbuster! And we’re wondering what’s so special about this ride… Hmm. You’ll found out later.


Second Stop: Tower of Terror (Ride)

Since we already got a fastpass at Toy Story Mania! and we will have to wait 2 more hours before getting another fastpass, we queued at Tower of Terror ride with 50 minutes queue time. Not bad since the line was moving fast and the inside of the tower was just pretty amazing and creepy at the same time.

*about to take a nice photo with the tower as a background then I suddenly heard screamings and realized I was there a moment ago and I survived*

I don’t want to spoil much about the ride but it was jumpy!!! Definitely a must try if you’re a fan of extreme rides. Well, I’m not. I did not expect that crazy free fall! I almost had a heart attack since I’m really scared of heights while my little sister was left speechless. LOL. You gotta try it yourself!!! The best! And congrats to me for conquering my fear!



Photo op at American Waterfront while walking around for our next stop!


Third Stop: Journey to the Center of the Earth (Get Fastpass)

2 hours later, we can get another fastpass again for Journey to the Center of the Earth ride with 90 minutes waiting time, same as the Toy Story Mania! We got the 5:55PM-6:55PM Fastpass slot.


Fourth Stop: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Ride)

With only 25 minutes waiting time, this is a submarine-type attraction where you’ll got to explore the dark and mysterious abyss. Kidding aside, this ride is recommended for kids. The animation of the sea creatures was superb! But I did not enjoy the ride since I find it a bit corny.

After the ride, we just took photos around Mediterranean Harbor then took a rest at the benches for a while.



Fifth Stop: Indiana Jones Adventure (Get Fastpass)

Our third fastpass. We got the 5:40PM-6:40PM Fastpass ticket.

Sixth Stop: Nemo SeaRider (Ride)

Didn’t have the chance to take photo with this since there was really a lot of people with 45 minutes queue time, but luckily was able to take a photo of the outside of the theater. This was cute since Nemo has been a part of my childhood. It is a 4D ride but the only problem was we didn’t understand the story since it was in Japanese language and no subtitles nor translations at all.


Seventh Stop: Indiana Jones Adventure  (Ride w/ Fastpass)

Pardon me, I don’t have photos of the ride since I left my camera on my grandma who didn’t join the ride. Nevertheless, it’s the temple you see right there on the side (not the guy ha. Lol). It was so cool! It’s like a digital roller-coaster! Super nice animations and effects!



Eight Stop: Journey to the Center of the Earth (Ride w/ Fastpass)

Have you noticed that volcano? Yup, it’s the icon of Tokyo DisneySea and it is a part of the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride. An indoor dark ride + outdoor rollercoaster ride. Just wow.



Ninth Stop: Watched Fantasmic!

This was my favorite show above all the shows I have watched in my whole life! I almost cried because of the intense happiness I am feeling while watching the show. Don’t want to spoil much about it but it was just so amazing, beautiful, and perfect!!!



Tenth & Last Stop: Toy Story Mania!

YAAAAAS! The long wait is finally over. A super fun and chill ride!!! A 3D with variety of games such as target shooting, pinball, and cup switching. And with scores. Haha! I’m second placer among us. Such a great experience!

Well that’s how we got to ride the best attractions at Tokyo DisneySea without wasting so much time on queue. How about you? What’s your Tokyo DisneySea experience? Book now at!

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