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Before heading to USJ, we made a several research and found out that USJ is an incredibly busy park knowing that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Minion Park is in there.

The Universal Express Pass shortens the waiting time for designated popular attractions. With an express pass, you’ll skip the lines and won’t wait for almost 200 minutes (or more). So is getting an express pass really worth it?


Got this Express Pass 7 at almost 2 weeks before our Japan Trip for ¥15,400 or around ₱7,270. It’s more convenient booking with Klook weeks before your travel date than on USJ ticket booths the day itself because the availability is limited and it could be sold out easily.


And my answer is YES, it was worth it. I strongly suggest getting USJ Express pass. Although it was pricey, but it will help you save a lot of time waiting in line. You could easily save 3-5 hours in a single day with it.

There are a wide variety of express passes and we are supposed to be getting the Express Pass 4 but unfortunately, it was sold out already on our designated date of visit.

This is the printed Express Pass ticket with the infos and designated attractions. Just present this ticket to the crew at the entrance of the attraction and they’ll just scan the QR code on your ticket. Then voila! You can enjoy the attraction in less than 10 minutes through the express lane. Just make sure to go to the attraction on time and only once.



Attractions (which are worth the express pass)

Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey with 280 minutes waiting time

This is one of the blockbuster ride in USJ, and it was a magical adventure! So grateful to experience the world’s best attraction!


Minion Mayhem with 200 minutes waiting time

Can you see the crowd? The Minion Park was really jampacked with kiddos at heart! Well, I got to experience a digital roller coaster at the Minion Mayhem, it was so cool!


The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man-The Ride with 180 minutes waiting time

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man-The Ride was really an amazing one! Kidding aside, it was an immersive and one of a kind 3D experience!



Jurassic Park-The Ride with 80 minutes waiting time

Jurassic Park-The Ride is a water ride so I wasn’t able to bring my camera. It was a river adventure with a desperate situation! With a 26.9 meter, headlong drop to escape a giant dinosaur!


Seeing the sea of people at Universal Studios, I think, we would only experience 2-3 attractions in one day. Good thing we have an express pass, we experienced almost all the blockbuster attractions with no hassle. And yes, everything about our USJ experience was just amazing!

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