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Thrift happens! Pun intended 😁 Hee hee. So yeah, I’m an avid online shopper. I don’t even know why I’m so into online shopping lately. And it has to stop! I need to discipline myself and avoid unnecessary expenses since I already consumed my ipon. But before I stopped my online shopping addiction, I’ve found this online thrift shop heaven and I would be sharing it with you, loves! ♡


Can you imagine that I only spent ₱3,180 to be exact for all of these? For a total of 27 pieces of clothing. I always see a quotation, “If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it.” and I can’t stop thinking about them all, so I bought them all… Becoz YOLO! 😂

Still, I’m so happy and proud that I’ve found an online thrift shop heaven—@smpthrifts. I always wanted to go to thrift shops since I’m not into the brand and luxury, but the price (which can be as cheap as possible) and the quality and style. I know that it’s not that cheap unlike on the usual thrift stores but above all my Instagram shopping experience, this was the cheapest one but with a good quality.


When OOTD is Life:


250-peso outfit

Looking like an office girl with this high-waisted culottes + button down. Love this outfit!


200-peso outfit

Shoes not included 😝 Pulling off that blue knitted sweater + pink floral skirt on a typical sunny day! ☀


150-peso outfit

Black sleeveless top + floral flowy pants—my favorite pants style!


75-peso outfit

Looking like a tita on this floral romper dress.


Again, it’s not about the brand, it’s about the style, the quality, and YOU. You can pull off and slay both 75-peso outfit and even 1,000-peso outfit with almost the same impact. So I’ll always prefer a budget friendly and affordable fashion rather than the luxurious one.

Tip: Always be careful when buying online and be a responsible buyer. Respect others and you will be respected as well. Always be kind!



Love, Dana ♡


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