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Clivia Pure Organics provides skincare products that are all natural and artisan. All products are homemade, ingredients used are sourced locally and with no harmful chemicals. Some of their products are: Fade Out Serum, Facial Toner, Facial Mist, Ageless Cream, Papaya OintmentHair Grower, Tawas Spray, Aromatherapy Oil, and Sunblock SPF 50. It is 100% mommy made that surely provides comfort and relaxing effect on the skin!

They sent me the Facial Toner and Facial Mist to try it myself. And on the first look and smell, I really felt that my skin would love it, and it did!


Facial Mist in 50ml for Php 155 (also available in 100ml for Php 300)

Ingredients: Glycerin + Rose Oil

Clivia Pure Organics Facial Mist claims to improve the radiance of your skin and keep it hydrated. It is applied before and after putting on makeup for that glossy and fresh look all day long. It also moisturizes dry and flaky skin. It contains rose oil which helps to tone and lift the skin,

I don’t do everyday makeups. Usually every weekends, whenever I want to take a bomb selfie, or whenever there’s an occasion only. But I tried it twice before and after putting my make up on a weekend and it helps refresh, restore and tone my skin and extend the wear of makeup. Plus I’m loving the rosy scent! Super cool and refreshing!


Facial Toner in 50ml for Php 100 (also available in 100ml for Php 190)

Ingredients: Glycerin, Ethyl Alcohol 0.1%, Alum Powder, Lavender Oil, Distilled Water

Clivia Pure Organics Facial Toner claims a thorough massive cleansing that removes dirt after washing the face. It contains Glycerine which is skin friendly and suitable for all skin types. The essential oils of Lavender prevents and treats acne.

This one’s added in my not-so-skincare-routine. He he! Been using this for a week now after washing my face after a long, tiring day. Applied it using a cotton ball then wiping it smoothly around my face. It removes dust, pollution, and impurities which can be seen on the cotton balls. Really helps in achieving a fresh looking skin.


Overall, their products are good and safe since it is all natural and pure organic. Just need more improvement on their packaging since attractiveness is a big thing! But I still appreciated their simple packaging tho. Simplicity is beauty as they say. Plus super affordable and budget friendly! Hoping to try more of their products soon!

Big thanks to Ms. Chet A. Torres of Clivia Pure Organics for the kindness and thoughtfulness!


Feel free to check them out!

Instagram: @cliviapureorganics

Facebook: Clivia Pure Organics


Contact Number: 09234427189 / 09453301321

Find their products at Herbal and Beauty, 2nd Floor, JP Rizal St. (2,371.88 mi)
Marikina City 1800



Love, Dana ♡




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