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Essentials by KD is a local brand (proudly Philippine-made 🇵🇭) that provides body and wellness essentials for skin, psyche, and soma through products such as lip balm, body cream, body scrub, hand sanitizer, hair mist, body mist, and more! They really got a lot of products to choose from! All with great scents!

It was a great privilege for me to have and try some of their products. Ever wonder what’s inside the box? Wonder no more, I’m glad to be sharing with you the fineness of Essentials by KD‘s products in a box.


Before sending me their products, they asked me a quick question: if I prefer soothing, fruity, or energizing scent. So sweet and thoughtful of them so that the package I would be receiving would fit my liking. Well anyways, I chose the soothing scent since I love its gentle and calming effect.


Their personalized box with recycled cut out magazines + their packaging is the bomb 💣 So aesthetic, attractive, and Instagrammable!


Midnight Cosmo Body Cream in a 200ml tub for Php 350 each

Ingredients: Unscented Base Lotion, Lavandula Aroma Oil, Vanilla Planifolia Aroma Oil

The Midnight Cosmo Body claims to nourish your skin to relax and calm yourself to sleep with a soothing scent. It is ideal to use before a peaceful slumber.

I must say that this is a perfect gift to treat yourself. It nourishes moisture that softens dry skin. Honestly speaking, my skin is slightly dry and flaky at times but this product helped my skin to regain its smoothness and it also kept my skin hydrated which is really amazing since I’ve been only using it for about a week. Plus its comforting and soothing scent.


100ml Hush Hand Sanitizer for Php 175 each

Ingredients: Deodorized Sugarcane Extract, Purified Water, Glycerin, Lavandula Aroma Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Aroma Oil

Hush Hand Sanitizer claims to have a soothing fragrance with natural disinfectant.

I love using hand sanitizers especially when I travel. But most hand sanitizers irritates and dries out my skin. Good thing that this product kept my hands clean and smooth at the same time.


Vanilla Mend Lip Balm for Php 120 each

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, White Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Vanilla Flavor, Vitamin E

Vanilla Mend Lip Balm claims to be a nourishing lip treatment blend crafted with butter, oil and wax with a soft vanilla flavor.

And yaaaas, my favorite product of all time! My lips are always dry which I find frustrating and sometimes disgusting. I struggled before looking for a perfect lip balm for my lips. I found one but I never thought that I’ll find a better one which is this Vanilla Mend Lip Balm. So sweet, replenishing, and moisturizing. Love the yummy butter-vanilla scent!


Also loving their minimalist concept! I was surprised when I saw this simple handwritten note. So much love for this newest local brand. So obsessed with everything about Essentials by KD! From the packaging, to the precise product, and to the kind seller!

Ever wonder how this brand started? Ms. Katherine shared her thoughts on how she comes up with the concept and idea of Essentials by KD.


I really enjoyed investing in personal care products ever since I was in college; things that were not common when I would shop. I was inspired by my love for personal care to start my own business that catered to certain moods and what if I think would catch my eye if I would shop in a store. I began creating scents and variants that I think would represent expressions and states of mind.

That’s where I came up with “essentials for your skin, psyche and soma.” Not only do the products do something for your skin, it strives to charm your mood and enliven your surrounding.

                          -Ms. Katherine David of Essentials by KD


This is so nice as giveaways and even as gifts. Let us all support local brands and proudly Philippine-made products!


Check them out!

Instagram: @essentialsbykd

Facebook: By KD


Contact Number: +63908-890-2171




Love, Dana ♡



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