Lustrous Beauty Con 2018


having luster; shining.


Nadine Lustre just released her makeup collection Lustrous by Nadine Lustre x BYS last April 2018. BYS is an Australian brand and accordingly, Nadine is the first ever celebrity that BYS collaborated with to create a grand makeup collection. The first ever Lustrous Beauty Con was held at White Space Manila, Makati City in celebration of its success since it was a huge milestone for Nadine and the brand itself.

Well, honestly speaking, I am not a great fan of Nadine Lustre but my mom is. Still, I am so delighted that I was able to attend the event and bond with my mom at the same time. My mom’s also the one who bought the limited edition Lustrous makeup box that’s why we had a complimentary ticket for the event. And yas, I will blog about the makeup box real soon!


The venue wasn’t that huge but it was so aesthetic and really instagrammable! Plus the setup and its tropical + beachy + island-y theme 🌴 Palm dreams it is! Love it so much!

The program started at 4PM but we arrived at the venue 2 hours earlier so we had a lot of photo opportunity around.

Matchy matchy with my fangirling mommy 👯‍♀️ Proud to have such a cool and amazing mom!



The stage setup was simply amazing!

The program was hosted by Laura Lehmann, Miss World PH 2017. She’s so adorable tho.


They had some makeup talks with Metro, Mega, and Preview Magazine editors-in-chief. And live make up tutorial from vloggers Say Tioco and Michelle Dy.

Wasn’t able to capture some photos of Say Tioco since my camera’s charging that time. But I watched her and she’s really cool!


Michelle Dy’s adorable and funny. She really captured the hearts of the audience.


Jelly Eugenio was also one of the highlights that night! He is one of the country’s most famous makeup artist and Nadine’s personal makeup artist whose behind her fab looks on her shoots yet Jelly doesn’t want to be called a celebrity makeup artist but just a makeup artist instead. He’s also funny and he’s really cute and simple!


And yaaass, the lustrous queen is finally on stage! Nadine Lustre, everyone! I’m in awe cause she’s just simply beautiful. That’s all I can say. And she just announced that more shades and products are to be released by October! Who’ excited?

To sum it all up, it was an amazing yet super tiring event. Can you imagine that I’m wearing 2-inch heels and stood up and walked around for almost 5 hours? But, OOTD is life!!!


Random find:

Since there are some booths around, I got myself a customized leather bag tag from @styleboxmnl 




Love, Dana ♡



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