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Get Rollin’ provides products that are 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils in ready-to-use roller bottles. Some of their products are: Essential Oils, Roller Blends, and Lash Hurrah.

As you notice, my product reviews are into skin care lately but this one’s unique. But definitely worth the review! Recently, I’m having my breakdowns (and breakouts!!!) and was really having a hard time in life. Good thing I found these roller blends to relax and calm myself from all the stressors out there. 


They sent me the LoveZing!, and Ohh Nose! in 3ml roller blends which just perfectly suits me!


LOVE in 3ml roller blends for Php 130 each

LOVE is a romantic floral blend that may inspire feelings of self-love.

Scent: Floral

Where to apply: Over the heart, wrist, temples

My favorite! Since I personally encourage everyone to love themselves first. Self-love is always the best love! This one’s really promote and inspire feelings of self-love with it’s floral scent best applied over the heart. Applying this over my heart while whispering to myself “You are loved. You are enough. You are beautiful. Stay what you are.” ♡ It feels so good!


ZING in 3ml roller blends for Php 150 each

Zing! is a pick-me-up when you need a boost of energy and may help with focus and memory.

Scent: Minty

Where to apply: Temples, behind the ears, base of skull

Using this while I’m blogging and most especially when studying. This boost my enthusiasm and eagerness to study so yaaas, it’s 101% effective especially when you feel so lazy and unmotivated to study for your exams. This also cures my headache so I will be needing more of these soon!


OHH NOSE in 3ml roller blends for Php 130 each

Ohh Nose! is a revitalizing blend that may help with allergy and support respiratory function.

Scent: Minty (but stronger)

Where to apply: Temples, behind the ears, jawline, chest, soles of feet

I’m also a fan of minty oil and ointments since I’m sipunin and also have sudden allergies on dust with symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose which is really uncomfortable for me to handle especially at school. So this one’s an essential especially for commuters like me.

They have more variants to choose from such as Happiness, Shoo Achoo, Counting Sheep, Bookworm, Peace, Belly Butter, Bug Off, and many more! They also customize based on your needs and health concerns which is really amazing!

These roller blends are effective, proven and tested by yours truly. It has a metal roller, adding a cool and relaxing factor when applying. Also handy and ideal for traveling. The name ideas plus the packaging are so cute, literally small but terrible. The seller is also super friendly and accommodating! 10 hearts for this! ❤️

Check them out!

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Love, Dana ♡


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