Thank you 2018, next!

I can say that 2018 was the most challenging year so far. Lots of unexpected things happened in my life, combination of the good and the bad. Well, above all, I choose to see the bright side of it just like what our Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray said, which is to to see situations with a silver lining. That there is always hope.

Life is tough but so are you.

Stephanie Benett-Henry

One of my favorite quotation ever since. I can say that this helped me in lifting myself up and being a stronger one. We are God’s masterpiece, created from his own image. He loves us despite our imperfections so it is already a big thing to have Him on our side. So why give up on life?

I have been so inactive lately since I am having a hard time adjusting on my new school (good thing first semester’s already done!) and I also wanted to spend less time on social media which is quite effective in refreshing my mind. I wanted to relax and to have time to reflect on myself and so I did. I don’t want to post on my blog with me being so bothered about my life. So I took the time and fixed my personal issues before going back on blogging wholeheartedly.

This post is intended to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me and my blog as well despite being so inactive. I know that there’s so much more in-store for me in 2019 and I am so excited about it!

Also, I would like to thank all those who sent me their products in exchange of my honest review.

Read my 2018 product reviews:

@novemberbeauty.skincare (former @makeups.mnl):






Grateful to all of ya ♡ So grateful to have the opportunity to show my support on these local brands. I am not just happy about the products they gave but also the experience I gained and the friendship I built with them.

Thank you to everyone who stayed in my life. You know who you guys are. I’m so grateful to all of you especially those who have been part of my blogging journey since day one! Thank you 2018, next!


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