A B O U T  M E

Dana is 17-year-old girl who loves fashion, photography and surfing the internet. Eat, sleep, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, repeat.. Her daily routine every summer vacation. Then spends her not-so-vacation days studying while also having fun with her friends and family.

Dana loves to travel in different places and countries with her family. Traveling was a big help to discover more not only about myself but also about different people, dialect, and traditions. Now I’m starting to love and appreciate every simple things in this world, even the simplest ones.

Dana loves taking photos but photos don’t love her. I don’t have that “photography skills” but still continue to take photos since they are great memory-prompt. A hundred percent memory hoarder she is. She wanted every memory to be kept in a photo, and even on her personal diary.

Dana simply wants to succeed in life and at the same time, be happy. A consistent honor student since kindergarten but never confident of succeeding in life without hard work and most especially, faith in our Father Almighty. Still can’t decide yet between becoming a lawyer or a CPA.. or both? I hope so.. CPA Lawyer it is! Also thinking of having my own bakeshop in the future since I’m slowly learning to bake. But for now, I’m still enjoying my high school years. As they say, high school years are one of the best years in life where you have the least number of responsibilities.

Dana has been blessed with a very supportive family and a best friend. I’ve been through a lot of pain and struggles, and that’s what made me even stronger and tougher. I’ve been blessed, my life have been blessed by the Lord since the very beginning of my journey.

A B O U T  M Y  B L O G

My eat-sleep-surf the internet routine during summer vacation had gone too far leading me to the thought of starting a blog kinda hoping to be famous *insert sarcasm* but mostly to express myself more and to share some of my lifestyle and interests to everyone.

Blogging then became my stress reliever and past time. Made this blogging site because posting on Instagram isn’t just enough for me to express myself so here I am, stepping up into a whole new level since blogging has been one of my passion in life. Welcome to my corner of the internet where you’ll get to know the different side of me. Xoxo ♡