Black over pink

I love pink stuffs before. Then I started loving black and white stuffs just this summer. Idk It’s just that my mysterious yet elegant side is transcending my girly side. And now I really got easily attracted to basics, black and white attire, grid style goodies,and anything about color black and color white stuffs. These colors are just too mainstream and classy, also my happy colors.

Though some people consider persons who love color black as an ’emo’. But for me, black is pleasant to look at.



Mini photoshoot at Nike Warehouse Factory, Sta. Rosa because of the grid wall though the floor ruined it. Swear, I really love grid wall or white wall background. Every time I’m seeing one, I immediately give sign to my mom so she could take picture of me. Btw, my mom is my personal or should I say, professional photographer. She’s the one behind my amazing photos.


I also love shopping at instagram shops’ physical store where I bought majority of my clothes and stuffs right now lol. Printed shirts, chokers, dresses, accessories, and everything. So obsessed with ’em specifically found at Fashionology Cafe Molino and at Empire Fashion Cafe Alabang which is temporarily closed right now waahhhh!!! No worries, there’s still Fashion Buffet at San Pedro, Laguna.

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