Goals in Life

You only have one life. Set bigger goals.

We all have goals in life. And that, motivates us to strive harder. There’s nothing wrong in setting bigger goals as long as you can stand for it and work for it. I can’t imagine my life in 15 years, so I decided to start setting my goal to at least have a reference. To have a life worth living. Here are my top goals in life:

  • To finish my studies and make my parents proud

  • To be a successful businesswoman/lawyer-blogger (still undecided between the two, hehe)

  • Own plenty of properties and cars (If not, I could also live a simple life with my loved ones and people close to my heart <3)

  • Design my own dream house especially my room

  • Go shopping without limitation (The ‘shop til you drop’ feeling, yaaas!)

  • Travel around the world with the people I love (London and New York!!!)

  • Surprise my parents in their silver and gold wedding anniversary

  • Get my dad his dream car

  • Give my mom a pilgrimage experience (since it has always been her dream)

  • Get Married

  • Have my own family

  • Live a happy life!!!

  • Die happy and contented

Yup, that’s all. It’s that simple but for me it would mean a lot to accomplish them. Of course, I won’t let these goals be just goals. These goals will just serve as a motivation in everything. I know it takes a lot of patience, hard works, sacrifices, disappointments and failures, but I will do anything and everything to accomplish them. No matter how hard and how challenging it is. The day I accomplished all my goals, is the day that I made myself very proud. All the love. xx

PS. I’m not that type of person who have a bucket list. All because I believe that what’s suppose to happen, will happen.

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