Guimaras Island

I’ve read in some articles before that Guimaras is considered one of the exotic islands in the Philippines. And yes, it was proven. Sharing my one-day yet super enjoy experience in one of their beach resort.

Actually, we went all the way from Iloilo. Thanks to the pump boat it made a lesser time travel. 15-minute travel from Iloilo Domestic Port to Jordan, Guimaras. Though the big waves were a bit scary, still enjoyed though. Feels like I’m literally riding the Anchor’s Away ride at Enchanted Kingdom.


Guimaras is famous for producing the sweetest mangoes in the world. Unfortunately, I haven’t tasted one because it is off-season for mangoes. Huhu! I cri! Still, I forced myself to enjoy the vacation ‘coz I didn’t just go to Guimaras for the mangoes. Aheh. Gladly I still did enjoy.


This was my suggested beach resort for everyone. No signal, no WiFi, and no television as well. Feels like you’re going back to the time where technologies are not yet discovered. And that’s the best thing about it, you’ll learn to live and enjoy the moment. Peaceful environment, relaxing sound of waves splashing through the sand, the serene skies, and the soothing breeze of the trees. Perfect for refreshing minds.

A panoramic view of the beach side… So beautiful ❤ Plus, the white sand is perf!! So soft, and pure, and clean, and white, and perfect, and everything. Nah, I’m not exaggerating, I’m just so overwhelmed how they maintained the cleanliness of the beach! It’s so unusual nowadays to have a beach with an ambiance as perfect as this.



Guess what? There’s now crowd. Literally chill and peaceful. That’s why my solo pictures are perfectly captured, no extras tho. You’ll also enjoy the environment cause you’ll have no choice. Kidding aside, they also have volleyball net but wasn’t able to play that much cause we don’t have enough players. We decided to wade in the water.

Just in time for the sunset, glad we were able to witness. I was again amazed in God’s wonderful creation. It made me realize how lucky I am to witness all His wonderful creations all in one place.. The nature, my family, the sky and sea. Oh so amazing!


Lovin’ the sunset and my not so perfect heart sign but perfectly captured by my mom.

Later that noon, around 8:00 PM while we were at standby by the sea, something was brought by the wave. We thought it was just a sea plant or an algae then when we’re about to draw near at it, we’re shocked when it suddenly spread out and realized it was a group of fish or known as the ‘shoal’. Shoaling makes it easier for fish to find food because more individuals are on the lookout.

Early morning around 6:30-7:30 AM when we had our “island walking”. Perfect because the sea was on low tide and as seen on the photo below, it looks like I’m stepping on the ground but during high tide it is at least waist high. We walked around the rocky islands and it was a nice experience though it was a bit risky.


I suggest this for environmentalists and nature lovers out there cause during our island walking, we discovered and witness some sea creatures hand to hand.


Paaatrick! This was my first time to encounter a starfish in the sea (I encountered a lot before at zoos) and touched it. It was so heavy and has the same texture as the rubber. Oh, wait.. A thin blue starfish? Yeeeeeeeeeeeep! It was thin compared to the normal starfish but just as heavy as the normal one.



Yikes those spikes! Sea urchin with very long spikes. Of course we weren’t able to touch it cause it’s sting is too dangerous. And honestly it was so creepy and shivering to look at. Looks like a huge spider with longer and spiky legs.


Some of the rare coral reefs we found.. and touched. It’s like snorkeling in a shallow depth of water. Some are smooth like a rag and some are gross to touch because they are slimy.



This rocky island is dangerous to step at especially when barefoot some are slippery while some are rough. Wearing of aqua shoes is highly recommended for a hassle-free and more comfortable walk.


Made the most of it and enjoyed another one of a kind experience for me to treasure in my whole life. Trust me, this was the best white sand beach evaaaaahh! Better than Boracay because less crowd and more serene ambiance.


To those planning or going to Cabaling Beach Resort, in my opinion, it is not a worthy place plus almost 750 meter walk from the parking area, unpleasant environment, and not well-maintained resort.

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