My Life Journey

“The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”


This is just the beginning of my life journey. Like what our grandparents keep on telling us, “papunta ka palang, pabalik na ako.” At first, I was like “whatever… blablabla” whenever I made a mistake and they keep on telling me that. But as I grow older, I slowly realize and understand that phrase. They’re right, this is just the beginning. More consequences and trials will come in my life, in my very own journey, to strengthen me and to build myself up. I know that it would be a hard journey, but it would be a journey with Christ.

Welcome now to my journey! You, readers, will now be part of my life journey.


  1. God

    The greatest Man I know, my forever companion and guide anywhere I go, and my everything. The One who gave me a chance and strength to start up this blog. All glory to God!


  2. My Family

    Of course I couldn’t have done this blog without my family’s wholehearted support and unending love. Forever thankful of having a family like no other. Hoping that this blog can make them happy and ease their frustrations from their work, especially my parents since I dedicate this to them.