Wanderlust Soul

Since I’m a bit of a traveler, I love traveling in different places with my family. I love tasting different dishes, discovering new things, and as well as experiencing different cultures and traditions. I love how every journey build myself up and explore more about the things I didn’t knew about myself.


Honestly, I  hate swimming at beaches. Call me weird but I don’t really appreciate the beauty of the sea. I absolutely hate seaweeds and everything underneath the sea. Yikes! I tried snorkeling before, and in less than five minutes, I gave up and went back to the shore. Then last summer, we had a vacay at Laiya, Batangas. It was a nice stay for us because we had pure and real family bonding. Thanks to the resort with no Wifi and signal we’ve spent time without any obstruction. And I also enjoyed swimming at the sea. Yes, for the first time, I enjoyed the sea.


It’s so clear, the warm water, the fresh breeze of air and the wave’s relaxing sound is just beyond perfection! Proud that I conquered one of my fear because of this relaxing vacation. I’m starting to love the sea but not the seaweeds 😝


Last March we also had our Ilocos trip and one of the highlight of our trip was the Paoay Sand Dunes. Though I’m tall, I’m scared of heights. That’s also one of my biggest fear. And guess what? I, again, conquered my fear. At first, I was very nervous coz obviously, ’twas a bit high. But then, it feels so good. It was one of a kind experience for me. I even repeated it three times. Another achievement for me to again conquer one of my biggest fear. Hoping that I’ll be able to discover more about myself and face more fears at my future journeys.

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  1. Dahil sa blog mo ate sobra ko nang naeexpress sarili ko sa pang araw araw na gagawin, isa ka po ate sa mga inspirasyon ko at sobrang nakakamotivate yung mga blog mo po. Keep it up po! 🙂 GODBLESS pwde po bang mahingi ang cellphone number niyo po? Para hihingi po ako ng advices sa buhay po.

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