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A B O U T  M E Dana is 15 year old girl who loves fashion, photography and surfing the internet. Eat, sleep, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, repeat.. My daily routine every summer vacation. And then...


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The Pinnacle Suites and Functions, Antique
Last October, we went all the way from Manila to Iloilo City (air travel) then from Iloilo City to Antique...
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Café Xela
Ya'll know that I love Cafe hopping. I always wanted to try different foods from different cafes. I've been looking...
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Mid-year special: Life lessons
If life was easy, where would all the adventures be? 2018 is halfway there! Woah there! The first six months...
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Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe
One of my worthwhile experience before going back on stressful school days. And one of the best Cafe I've ever...
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Cafe by the Ruins Dua
The original Cafe by the Ruins also known as Baguio's beloved culinary icon was partially burned last April 30, 2017. The...
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Scriptures Cafe
Scriptures Cafe is a coffee shop with homey vibes and ambiance of praise, worship, rest and relaxation for people who want fellowship....
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A simple, soft-hearted, blissful yet seldom temperamental girl who can deal with life and its purpose. Driven by wanderlust,  constantly discovering the beauty of nature and true meaning of life itself. Welcome to my open diary!



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